Senior Spokesmodel Contract 2018

READ! I understand I have an obligation to promote Jenna Hooker Photography to other seniors and juniors. I am willing to work hard to make others aware of the studio and the high quality products offered. I have read the Senior Spokesmodel Program email I was sent and fully understand my role and obligations. *

Yes I understand *
Applicants Name *
Applicants Name
Applicants Cell Number *
Applicants Cell Number
Parents phone number *
Parents phone number
Do you Follow Jenna Hooker Photography on Facebook AND Instagram? *
If other please explain
If I am selected, I understand that my parent(s) must accompany me for a brief introductory meeting at which time my parents and I will sign a printed hard copy of this Model Contract. *
I understand that as a model, I am obligated to have my SENIOR MODEL SESSION before Dec 2017. If I do not take my Senior portraits by then, I forefit the spokesmodel program *
I understand that I am required to purchase my $225 Senior Session Fee. I understand that this deposit is non-refundable if I change my mind AFTER I have been photographed for my Senior MODEL SESSION. I also agree to reimburse the studio for any merchandise (posters, prints, or albums, or additional FREE Sessions) I have received prior to changing my mind. I also undersand that no prints, wall portraits or digital files come with the session fee, they are all a seperate fee and packages start at $295. *
I will ONLY represent JHP Photography as a Senior Model and will only be professionally photographed by same during my senior year. *
I fully understand that I will only receive the REWARDS of this Model Program if I fulfill the requirements of the program and fully comply with this Model Contract. *
I have reviewed this application with my parents and have their permission to participate. *