New Top 10 PhotoShoots I'd love to do

Last year in August I wrote this post about the Top 10 shoots I'd like to do.  I found this post while working on my email newsletter for the month (subscribe here).  Reading over it I was delighted to see I've done at least 4 of the shoots!!  I photographed a birth, held a where the wild things are session for a fun 7 year old, a family paint session, Boudoir/Glam sessions,  and Glitter Sessions.  All these sessions are so much fun.  Creating a fun session for you is what I love!!

C and G enjoying the sunflowers

C and G enjoying the sunflowers


Updating my new list of Top 10 Shoots:

1. Day in the Life Session: where I go to a families house for a all day shoot, literally all day (or maybe a few hours, depending on activity) and take photos, no posing photos, just capturing moments, little routines of the family and those special moments that pass all to quickly.  Ideally this would be a family with 2-3 children.  Could be used for a special event, or trip to the carnival even.

2. Glamour Session: no not like the 80's glamour photos.  Classy and sophisticated.  These would be full hair and makeup, beautiful dresses, women only.  To get gorgeous portraits of YOU!!  Yes of your beautiful self, how often do you do that?

3. Sunflower Mini Session- It will happen this year. I was able to get photos of my boys but then we were rained out for a week straight and the flowers died.  ;(

4. Family Paint Fight Session- I checked this off my list, but it is simply so much fun I want to do more.  Paint a white canvas and themselves, capture the moments before, after and during, would be a super fun family shoot with older children and they get to keep the painted canvas.

Baby Teddy in the arms of his mother and father.

Baby Teddy in the arms of his mother and father.

5. Newborn Twins- I have plenty of twins myself but professionally I know not done a twin newborn shoot, it would be a challenge for sure but I am up for the task.

6. Studio Work- Yes I said studio, we moved to a new home with a gorgeous studio space in our back yard, so as we speak I getting it remodeled.  And will hopefully be up and ready to shoot in the next few weeks.

7.  Hippie Shoot- in a dreamy field with a older girl with long hair, wearing a head band, feather in hair, fringe-y vest and boots, sunglasses.  Would be a fun shoot for a 12-13 year old girl or even teenage girl.

8. Senior Sessions- Hair and Make for the girls, session designed individually for each senior.

9. Creative Mini Sessions- I don't know them until they come to me; ie- some I've done before Dino Mini's, Sunflower Mini's, Glitter Mini's etc.

10. Creative Family Session: we collaborate of a fun unique family session idea.  Paint, cake, zombies, location. 

Do any of these interest you?? Let's Make them happen!!! Contact Me.