90s Inspired 2017 Spokesmodel Shoot

You GUYS. This has to be one of my all time favorite JHP SPOKESMODELS styled shoots ever. (Oh wait, it's the first one ever too, hee hee) It's probably because I LOVE everything 90’s. I grew up in the 90’s, so for me, it is all about the nostalgia. Not to mention I don’t know that any other trend can fully encompass the same cool, carefree vibe with a healthy dose of rock.

When I revamped the JHP spokesmodel program this year, I decided to have host a spokesmodel shoot, I fretted over the theme, some many ideas I couldn't decide what was perfect!!  But then it hit me, these girls were born in the late 90's!!  Lets do this.

And huge props to D'Angela for perfect hair and makeup, I wanted the classic clean look, with either simple eyes or black liner on top and she nailed it, each girl slightly similar and different too.  The black chokers, white tees and holey or black jeans with canvas shoes, just were perfect!!! Simple, classic, 90's.

Meet the 2017 Spokesmodels

Meet Madison

School: Boling High School

Goals After High School: Finish my education at Texas State University and then get a great job

Celebrity Crush: Leonardo DiCaprio

Dream Job: Radiation Therapist

Biggest Accomplishments so far: Going to State in FFA radio broadcasting, and getting accepted into Texas State University

Three Things I Can’t Live Without: my phone , my friends , and my family

Friends Would Describe Me As: Outgoing

Fun Fact: I can play the clarinet

Meet Paiton

School: Boling High School

Goals after school: Become an Occupational Therapist

Celebrity Crush: Leonardo DiCaprio/ Taylor Lautner. Too hard to choose between the two.

Dream Job: Movie/Food Critic

Biggest Accomplishments so Far: just had my 2 year anniversary at CVS

3 Things I can't live without: God, Family & Food

Friends Would Describe Me As: Funny

Fun Fact: my favorite color is blue

Meet Trini

School: El Campo High School

Goals After High School: To get a Bachelor business degree in the art field.

Celebrity Crush: David Tennant as the doctor from doctor who, I'm a huge nerd.

Dream Job: A job where I could either create floral arrangements or make a beautiful and delicious that would bring a bit of joy to someone's day.

Biggest Accomplishments so far: My biggest accomplishment so far, in my long 17 years of life upon this earth, is probably overcoming doubt and fear. Doubt, that I wasn't capable of participating or accomplishing anything that I wanted to do. I feared that I wasn't smart or good enough to be different, to stand out from the crowd, that I didn't deserve to be happy because of all the mistakes I had made. I've learned to overcome those feelings and that I do deserve to live a fulfilling life. God has made me capable of defeating doubt and fear and see the beauty and strength within me. 

Three Things I Can’t Live Without: Bible, family, and food (I love food) ❤️😋

Friends Would Describe Me As: someone who has a passion for eating food. 😁 Jk, probably happy. (For food at least) hehe 😜

Fun Fact: I can probably eat a whole bag of Veggie Chips by myself within the hour. I've mentioned that I love food, right? XD


Meet Amber

School: Boling High School

Goals After High School: go to college

Celebrity Crush: Chace Crawford

Dream Job: dental hygienist

Biggest Accomplishments so far: so far I'm second in my class

Three Things I Can’t Live Without: my phone, friends & family, food

Friends Would Describe Me As: they call me the mom of the group because I'm always watching out for them and reminding them to do certain things

Fun Fact: my nickname is Beans


Meet Jaycelin

School: El Campo High School

Goals After High School: Go to college and graduate!
Celebrity Crush: Brad Paisley

Dream Job: Having my own cooking show.

Biggest Accomplishments so far: Going to confirmation for two years and being confirmed :)

Three Things I Can’t Live Without: God, Family and Stormy (my puppy!)

Friends Would Describe Me As: Unique, mature and extremely smart

Fun Fact: I got my first vehicle when i turned 17 and it's a 2016 Jeep :)!


I love the spokesmodel program and become so emotionally vested in each and everyone of these wonderful girls, I can't wait to see what their bright futures hold for each of them.