Happy New Year!! 2014 Review

Feeling nostalgic.

So many beautiful souls have opened themselves to me this year. I am so, so grateful. 

My joy is reflected on my subjects’ smiles, the love of a mother looking into her newborn eyes. Or a proud dad posing with his baby girl, my heart breaks at tears. I can tell you if I was excited, or calm. I can tell you what the temperature was, what was said to break the ice and when everyone relaxed into the session. And this is from someone who can’t remember what I wore yesterday. When I capture your memories, I’m also making mine. This is my year — presented in a random order that isn’t random.

And so this is not a “best of” list,  picking the “best” out of so many photos just can't be done, but this is a portrait of who I am in 2014.

Here is 2014 through my eyes :)