Pippa's Puppy Photo Shoot

My parents welcomed sweet little Pippa, the dappled dachshund puppy into their home this past week.  I knew immediately we were going to have a "newborn" photoshoot with the little sweetie.

I instructed the "new mom" (aka my mom) to keep her awake for a good 2 hours prior to coming to the studio. Mom, rolls her eyes, "good luck with that."  But I insisted, just as I do with newborn babies. 

She almost instantly fell into a deep puppy sleep, and I got to play!

My mom sat quietly on the couch tired as any newborn mother is.  I laughed, this new little one is wearing her out, and I guess she hasn't had a newborn for about 34 years.  Not that I am aging her or her daughter.  hee hee.

Puppy newborn photoshoots should totally be a thing!!  Seriously lets make this a thing. 

I'm not sure I have ever giggled and squealed and laughed as much EVER for a photoshoot.

I had too much fun with these photos and this little sweetie puppy!!  Who is bound to grow and grow....

And hopefully be potty trained very soon, for my mother's sanity.