Boudoir Mini Session

I held my first mini Boudoir session and what a blast it was.  11 ladies, hair and make up, champagne, snacks and a sexy empowering photo shoot all in one.  I didn't realize how much this session would change me too. 

All sizes, ages and shapes of ladies, I loved capturing their sexiness, and seeing them transform from slightly uncomfortable/nervous to loving themselves and feeling confident.  I myself gained a huge respect and confidence about my own body and insecurities as well, as everyone has them (of themselves), ALL women are beautiful and we should celebrate that. 

And that is just what these sessions are, yes you look sexy, yes your husbands/significant others will love them, but this is more about you feeling good about yourself and how absolutely beautiful you are.  It's easy to get lost in the mundane daily tasks and truly forget how beautiful womanly and sexy you are.  These are the perfect reminder in your pretty little black book!

  I will be holding another round of mini boudoir session on June 6th. But you can always schedule a full boudoir session sooner than that.